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"Freely you have received, freely give." Matthew 10:8b

Calling All Dads

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 Boykin, William G.
 1  Never Surrender.mp3
 Glass, Bill
 2  The Blessing.mp3
 Hibbs, Jack
 3  A Father's Reward .mp3
 Kelfer, Russell
 4  Correctable Christians Pt #1.mp3
 5  Correctable Christians Pt #2.mp3
 6  Taming the Temper Pt #1.mp3
 7  Taming The Temper Pt #2.mp3
 8  Responsible Christian Parent #1.mp3
 9  Responsible Christ Parents #2.mp3
 10  Responsible Parent Discipline PT #1.mp3
 11  Responsible Parents Prayer.mp3
 12  Responsible Sons & Daughters.mp3
 Kelfer, Russell
 13  Responsible Christian Women.mp3
 McDowell, Josh
 14  Importance of Dad.mp3
 McKenzie, Pete
 15  Are You a Man of God?.mp3
 Plumb, Charlie
 16  Is Your Parachute Packed?.mp3
 17  Christian Husbands.mp3
 Vernon, Bob
 18  Masculine Role #1.mp3
 19  Masculine Role #2.mp3
 20  Masculine Role #3.mp3
 21  Masculine Role #4.mp3
 22  Masculine Role #5.mp3
 23  Masculine Role #6.mp3