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2006 : August

  CDs Only  
1. “What Happens to Christians Who Live Like the Devil?” – by Terry Cadwell
If you do not want to be convicted, just pass on this CD!!
2. "U-Turn for Christ” – buy Steve Mays
One of the best testimonies we have heard in a long time.
3. “Taming the Grump” – by Linda Evans Shepard
If you liked her other two messages you will love this one.
4. “For Such a Time as This” – by Dr. Laurence White
Part two on Abortion – we should have included this when we did his first message. If you want both messages, just let us know.
5. “Classic Comfort” – by Ray Comfort
60 of his best messages and typical of Ray it will not all be comfortable. He is a long time friend of this ministry. This is the 4th in our “best of” series.

6. I Corinthians – by Lance Cook
7. II Corinthians – by Raul Ries
8. I Thessalonians – by Pat Kenney
9. II Thessalonians – by Allen Rig

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